The world suffered a loss last Wednesday, May 21, when Moishe Rosen went home to be with the Lord. Moishe was the founder of Jews for Jesus, the world’s largest mission to the Jewish people. His tremendous contributions to making Jesus known to the Jewish people were acknowledged even in his lifetime, and it  is unquestionable that thousands of Jewish people like myself have become believers in Christ due to his life’s work. Of more personal importance to me, Moishe was my friend.

I first came to know him through a chatroom on AOL, while I was still a young believer in 1998. I really didn’t understand who he was at first, and then when I did realize who he was I was surprised at how down to earth he seemed. That’s not surprising, when I look back on it; Moishe once remarked that “some people were too heavenly minded to be any earthly good,” but in my experience he himself was of practical bent when it came to his faith.

When I applied to work with Jews for Jesus in 1999, Moishe was very encouraging and over the eight years I spent as a missionary with the organization, he continued to take a personal interest in how I was doing. At one point when I was having a difficult time in life and was feeling a lot of internal pain, I mentioned to Moishe that I wasn’t sure how I could minister to others when I hurt so much myself. Moishe told me that he believed hurting people made the best ministers, and this gave me the strength to keep going. Much later, even after some large personal failures on my part, Moishe continued to be a friend and to seek to help me grow as a Christian and a person.

“Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”