I’ve been consumed with studying for school and local church matters, and suddenly realized how much longer than normal it’s been since I wrote a new post. So … here’s a rundown on what I’ve been reading lately.

– There’s some excellent thoughts on Perfection And Other Things That God Has Dibs On over at a fairly new blog entitled Christian Girl at College.

John Meunier waxes eloquent on faith alone and why exactly it is that people used to throw rocks at John Wesley.

– Over at United Methodeviations, Dan Dick ponders a whole lot of issues that are Not Our Issue. Some of the issues that should be issues regardless of denomination are:

  • poor and marginalized
  • homeless
  • hungry
  • gang violence
  • natural disasters
  • AIDS
  • drug abuse
  • domestic abuse
  • malaria
  • education
  • social justice
  • Islamaphobia
  • ecumenism
  • global warming/environmental concerns
  • sexual misconduct

Now you may be detecting a pattern in that these blogs are by United Methodist authors. Why is an aspiring Nazarene pastor following these? Well, firstly they are well written and post regularly. Second, they tend to write posts that are of interest to other  Wesleyan denominations — such as the Church of the Nazarene.

To be perfectly honest,  I have had trouble finding blogs by Nazarene authors that post regularly. There are some out there that I enjoy:

– Pastor Scott Daniels of PazNaz (Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene) produces rich, thoughtful posts on a variety of topics. Currently he is journaling about the Third Lausanne Conference on Global Evangelism, being held in Cape Town, South Africa.

– I’m a big fan of  in.his.grip, authored by Herb Halsted. Herb is a church planter and pastor of Thrive Church in Jackson, TN. His posts often give proof to the admonition that my theory/composition teacher gave us about a million years ago, when I was a music education major: less is more. You’ll find Herb’s posts to be sometimes short in length, but always long on insights. Check it out!

– As a theology major, I am drawn to some subjects like iron filings to a magnet. Hence, I read the blog of Thomas Jay Oord, professor, author, and Nazarene theologian.

I’m kind of disappointed that I can’t find more Nazarene blogs that are update regularly. If you know of some good ones, let me know via a comment.