This is excerpted from a sermon preached by John Meunier, the full text of which is posted at his blog.

Bishop Will Willimon tells the story about a woman who was at a church he pastored. One day in a small group, people were going around a circle and telling stories about Jesus. We might call it sharing testimonies. Each person told his or her story. One man said he was feeling kind of unsettled and confused about his life, but Jesus had helped him work things out and he was so grateful. A woman said she felt Jesus near her when she sang in the choir and it just felt so good. Then another woman started talking. She said,

“Look, I don’t know what kind of Jesus you all met, but my life was going along just fine before he showed up. I had a good job. I knew what I was doing. I wasn’t looking for anything. And now, now I’ve lost control of my whole life. I’ve been to Haiti twice to do mission work. I never wanted to go to Haiti. I think all the time about how I’m spending my time and my money. Before you go telling people they should be getting close to Jesus, you should warn them. He’ll mess things up.”

He’ll mess things up, indeed, because Jesus wants every last little single broken bit of us, and He’ll keep pursuing us until we give it over to Him.